Analytics and Attribution

Dive into the world of analytics and attribution with us, an integral part of our data intelligence and analytics services. We specialise in converting complex data into strategic advantages, focusing on tangible benefits for your business. And our approach is consultative and tailored, ensuring that each solution aligns perfectly with your unique objectives. So, with us, you gain not just data insights but a trusted partner in navigating the ever-evolving digital landscape. 

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Our Approach to Analytics and Attribution


Our approach to analytics and attribution is both strategic and client-focused. We blend advanced analytics with bespoke consultation, ensuring each solution not only meets but exceeds your business goals. Here’s some of our key processes that can help lead you towards measurable digital success: 


Platform Setup and Configuration

A properly configured analytics platform isn't just a tool; it's the cornerstone of your marketing strategy that delivers tangible results. And, when you partner with us, you're not just ensuring accurate data collection; you're laying down the robust foundations for a data-driven marketing strategy that's focused on outcomes.  


That said, if you're not sure your platforms are configured properly, then this can cast doubts on how accurate your data really is. But at 7DOTS, we eliminate this uncertainty. So, whether you're leveraging the extensive capabilities of Google Analytics or Adobe Analytics or prioritising privacy with Matomo or Tiny Analytics, our team of expert analysts is committed to meticulously configuring your platforms.  


Strategy Definition

Our team of analysts play a critical role in the definition of your marketing strategy, helping you set goals and measure results. Taking into account market trends and past performance, our analysts employ techniques such as predictive modelling, A/B testing, customer segmentation and data visualisation, empowering stakeholders to develop effective marketing strategies. 


Attribution Tracking

We help our clients pinpoint the source of their revenue, no matter how long or complex the sales funnel. We’ll track your prospects from awareness to won opportunities, and by capturing the right data at the point you get a lead, you’ll always know how your customers found you. This process helps us understand what works for your business, empowering you to make the right decisions when allocating resource and budget. 


Campaign Analytics

Whether you’re advertising on Google Ads, Meta Ads, LinkedIn Campaign Manager or enterprise platforms like Display and Video or Search Ads 360, our analysts specialise in unpicking data from all of your paid marketing channels. Our approach focuses on maximizing ROI, leveraging metrics like ROAS, CPC, and CTR for refined marketing strategies. And with the integration of techniques such as A/B testing and attribution modelling, our analysts can confidently assess the performance of creatives, keywords and audiences, and advise on the allocation and pacing of budget. 


 SEO Analytics

Our approach to SEO analytics goes beyond just data collection; it's about gaining deep insights into your website's organic performance. We analyse the interplay between various elements like backlinks, PageSpeed, Core Web Vitals, and content quality, where we uncover the real drivers of your SEO success. Our statistical methods meticulously evaluate how these controllable factors influence key outcomes such as organic traffic, keyword rankings, and CTR. This comprehensive analysis enables us to craft a finely-tuned SEO strategy, ensuring every aspect is optimised for maximum impact and visibility in search results. 


Platform Training

We recognise the value in your team mastering the analytics platforms you've selected. But we’re also mindful of the challenges faced in learning their intricacies. That's why we offer tailored training for you and your team, including individual sessions, group workshops, and video tutorials. We also provide written guidance, from generic platform documentation to bespoke task-specific manuals. Our extensive training approach ensures that your team remains proficient in using your chosen analytics platforms. 


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