When a customer wants something, they turn to search.

More web traffic flows through a web search engine than any other channel, making search the largest marketplace in the world. To drive success in this critical space and earn the largest share of voice, businesses need to combine creative, technical and brand expertise to become the best-in-class experience for every potential customer in their moment of want.

Our multidisciplined team of data scientists, creatives, PRs and technical experts work in partnership with our clients, formulating strategies focused on driving returns on investment by maximising your visibility in this critical market.

Turn searchers into customers

How Our SEO Services Can Benefit Your Business

Our approach to SEO is designed to adapt to the ever-evolving digital landscape, ensuring your business stays ahead of the curve and continues to lead in the future. 

This means that our SEO strategies are not just about the quick wins; they're about creating lasting impact. With a focus on driving sustainable growth and ongoing optimisation, we work alongside you to ensure that your website not only climbs the search rankings but also consistently attracts more traffic and achieves higher conversion rates. 

Our SEO Services

Discover how our SEO services and solutions can transform your online presence and organic reach including: 

The Search Landscape Review

It all starts with the 'SLR'. This data analysis tool, bespoke to 7DOTS, benchmarks both your target audience and the competitive landscape. It helps us understand what your customers are searching for, who currently appears for those searches, and why. 

With this data, we can help formulate a roadmap of activity that will help achieve your business goals. We can identify where adding to your content and user experience can quickly drive returns on the investment, and where longer-term work to build your link and brand profile online is required.  

Backed by detailed financial modelling, the Search Landscape Review gives our clients the keys to the kingdom to maximise their share of the market, while our data and insight team gives us the data needed to maintain agility and react to changes in your market. 

SEO Delivery

For some of our clients, we work hand in hand with existing content and Digital PR teams in a strategic capacity, analysing the market and feeding those insights into their activity to unlock the commercial opportunity in search. For others, we can execute end-to-end, from ideation all the way through to final delivery. 

We have a team of content specialists who can create anything from landing pages through to full creative campaigns. And our dedicated Digital PR experts ensure that your creative content earns the digital coverage it deserves across the web. This effort not only creates signals of authority (the 'link equity', for those familiar with SEO terminology) but also propels you higher in the search results and maximises your search share of voice amongst your potential customer base. 

Technical SEO Support

The reality of modern web development is that it’s fraught with risk – the wrong technology choices, implemented incorrectly, can result in your experience being all but invisible to search engine crawlers. And if they can’t see your content, they can’t match it to users. 

We do not believe in checklists and a giant 90-page technical and core web vitals audit. Our goal is to enable businesses to make informed decisions about allocation of often limited and precious development and technical resources to drive their business objectives.  

This means working with developers and IT teams to understand the complexities of any recommendation, understanding not just how your website is seen by search engines but what the underlying causes are. This approach allows us to identify the best way to resolve an issue within the confines of your technology and P&L. After all, an approach that is a ‘quick win’ on one company’s technology might require a massive investment in technical resources to execute on another. 

And we work with non-technical stakeholders to help them understand the challenges, and the commercial impacts, without getting ‘bogged down’ in technical jargon. We aim to empower informed decision making about where to invest in your web-facing experience in order to maximise a return on that investment.  

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