For people who Dare
to dream big

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7DOTS is a brand and digital agency that creates captivating experiences for people who dare to dream big.

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One: Creative + Tech

Traditionally, creativity and technology have been seen as two separate disciplines. And usually with technology providing the solution for delivering the creative.


We’ve always seen the creativity in technology and we know that blending the two produces the most rewarding human experiences.

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Offline life


Online life


Two: IRL + URL

Our lives constantly move between online and offline moments throughout the day. And while we are digital at heart, we also know there is 
a human interacting with every experience 
we create.

We create experiences that allow people to move easily 
and without frustration between IRL and URL.

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Three: Moments of Joy

The end result is only part of the picture. We know we can build and deliver whatever the brief requires and more… but it’s also vital to enjoy the experience of working together.

We look to find small moments of joy in all our partnerships which help to build an amazing working experience.


Do not kiss an AI model, and other thoughts about the new Google AI Generative Search Experience

This year’s recent announcements at Google’s IO event around their new generative AI capabilities being deployed into search is potentially a bit of a biggie though. And news that’s sure generated some hot takes amongst the digital marketing community.

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Digital transformation is dead, long live digital evolution

First of all, we need to understand the difference between digital transformation and digital evolution. Digital transformation is the process by which companies embed technologies across their businesses to drive fundamental change. ‘Transformation’ suggests it has a start and end point or a ‘before and after’. Digital evolution suggests this undertaking isn’t a ‘thing that happens’; it’s a continuous process.

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Do you need a website in 2022?

It’s no wonder you’re questioning if you still need your website, and you’re in the right place to find answers. Things are moving so quickly these days, and as you know, you can’t assume the marketing tools which worked last year will continue to be as effective this year. Although in the case of websites, I think they’re arguably more important than ever.

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How do you continue marketing in a recession? (And why you should)

We’re in the midst of a growing cost of living crisis and an impending global recession (all fun stuff). This forces businesses into survival mode, and we all know what happens now: business leaders begin to cut the marketing budget.

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ChatGPT and Demand Generation: Scary or Exciting?

The world of digital marketing as we know it has seen some pretty sizable shifts as the result of technological innovations. I personally have been through a few in the last 20 years. Algorithm updates, ads platforms, tracking and analytics, compliance… the list goes on, but I think Open AI’s chat GPT is the giant under the shadow of which all other digital marketing tech innovations cower. And my friends, my gut is saying that things just won’t ever be the same again.

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Website Cookies and Tracking: A Cautionary Tale

From junior marketers to CIOs and general counsels, anyone with even the smallest responsibility for web content is bound to be aware of the General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR.

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