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Transform your business with our Data Science team, where expertise meets innovation. We're dedicated to supercharging your decision-making with data-driven solutions that really count.  

Our approach simplifies the complex, making artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data modelling tools work to your advantage. By implementing sophisticated data pipelines and warehousing solutions, we ensure your data is readily available, enabling you to make informed, real-time decisions.  

And our commitment? It’s about maximising your return on investment. We delve into the world of data to extract real, tangible value, aligning our strategies with your business goals. From enhancing operational efficiency to unlocking new opportunities for growth, our solutions are designed to deliver measurable results.  

Let’s work together to make your data a pivotal asset in driving success and innovation in your business. 

Our Data Collection and Mining Process


We don't just gather data; we tailor our data mining and collection to align with your unique needs. So, we understand the value of high-quality data, and the importance of being able to readily gather information from a variety of sources. This is why our Intelligence Team are experts in designing and implementing processes to gather and refine the data you need. Our team are skilled in data mining and collection techniques, including:



Using the latest browser automation technology and parallel computing, we ethically and efficiently extract the most relevant data from online sources. Our approach ensures you gain strategic insights responsibly, keeping you ahead in a fast-paced digital world.


API Integration

By seamlessly integrating APIs, we elevate the value of datasets, transforming them into richer, more insightful resources for your business.


Open-Source Databases

We enhance your data by skilfully tapping into the wealth of open-source databases, unlocking new dimensions of insights.


Data Frames

Our use of data frames mean we can easily manipulate data to rapidly identify patterns and anomalies.


Our Data Pipeline and Warehouse Services


Our team of data engineers create bespoke, cutting-edge data pipelines and warehousing solutions, tailored to manage and utilise your data effectively. We ensure your data is always at your fingertips, in the formats and platforms you need, transforming raw data into actionable insights for your business.


Data Integration

We combine information from a variety of sources, giving you a unified view of your data, empowering you to make better decisions. Our solutions integrate seamlessly with a variety of sources including web-based analytics platforms such as Google Analytics, CRM systems including Salesforce, and marketing automation solutions like Pardot. 


Real-Time Data Processing

Increasing data availability and freshness means you can react quickly to changes in customer behaviour and market shifts. Our implementation of the publisher-subscriber pattern means your data is processed as soon as it’s available, increasing your decision-making agility. 


Data Quality and Accuracy

Our data processing algorithms enhance the quality of your data while ensuring the preservation of data accuracy. Our approach means that your data becomes a strong foundation for making informed decisions. 


Efficient Data Retrieval and Querying

We painstakingly design efficient database queries so that the data you need is available on demand and at the lowest cost possible. This means your team spend less time waiting for data to load, and more time using it to drive success. 


Our Application of Data Modelling and AI


Our team of data scientists excel in extracting meaning from unstructured data, transforming vast and complex datasets into coherent and descriptive data models. And we use the latest techniques in natural language processing, machine learning and statistical analysis to identify trends, patterns and relationships that guide important decisions.


Large Language Models (LLMs)

Our team can help integrate LLMs into your workflows and data pipelines to automate tasks such as text analysis, content generation, and natural language understanding (NLU). 



We make use of vectorisation algorithms to transform unstructured data such as text and images into numerical vectors, unlocking techniques such as rapid information retrieval, content comparison and sentiment analysis. 


Predictive Modelling

We help marketers make better decisions through the power of predictive modelling. Making use of your historical data, we’re able to forecast customer behaviour, and outcomes, assisting in tasks such as content personalisation and budget allocation. 


Our application of data modelling and artificial intelligence enable our clients to automate and expedite a variety of business-critical tasks including:  

  • Reputational auditing. 
  • Redirect mapping and site migrations. 
  • Customer feedback monitoring. 
  • Competitive landscape analysis. 
  • Content generation. 
  • Compliance auditing. 
  • and unsafe content detection.


How Our Data-Driven Applications and APIs Can Help Your Team


Our engineers take care of the heavy lifting, so that your marketing team can harness the power of data science. We expose the most advanced machine learning algorithms and data models through user-friendly applications and APIs so anyone can take advantage of them. Our team are dedicated to increasing the accessibility of data science for marketing teams, so that anyone, regardless of their technical expertise, can automate advanced processes and understand the most complex datasets. 

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