Data Visualisation and Dashboarding


At 7DOTS, we specialise in transforming complex datasets into powerful visual narratives that drive your success. With the latest dashboarding and visualisation tools, we empower marketers like you to make informed decisions effortlessly. Our bespoke solutions offer your team a comprehensive view of website performance, PPC and paid media effectiveness, and the results of your SEO efforts. 

But it's not just about data; it's about the results. Our core offering combines periodic reporting to uncover valuable insights from past successes and challenges, with dynamic visual dashboards that enable agile, informed decision-making. We're here to partner with you, providing expert guidance and custom-tailored services to boost your marketing strategies to new heights.  

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Maximise Business Impact with Data Visualisation and Dashboarding


Ultimately, visualising data helps to identify trends, uncover hidden patterns, and make data-driven decisions swiftly. Meanwhile, dashboards offer a real-time overview of key metrics, enabling businesses like yours to react quickly to market changes.  


And the benefits of this? Well, this leads to improved efficiency, better resource allocation, and a stronger competitive edge. Not to mention clear data presentations can aid in stakeholder communication, ensuring everyone is aligned and informed. 


So, why not empower your business with the clarity and agility offered by our expert data visualisation and dashboarding services? 

Enhance Your Marketing Strategy with Periodic Reporting


Our service transforms complex data into actionable insights, where we provide regular, in-depth reports that make data easy to understand and act upon. And our approach is collaborative too; we work closely with you to identify key performance indicators and tailor reports to your specific needs.  

These reports offer a clear picture of your marketing efforts, highlighting successes and identifying areas for improvement. Our expert analysis also helps you make informed decisions, optimising your marketing strategies for better results.  

But ultimately, our goal is to empower you with the knowledge you need to excel in a competitive market. Trust us to be your partner in navigating the data landscape, delivering clarity and strategic guidance every step of the way. 

Integrated Dashboarding


Our innovative dashboarding solutions bring together data from diverse sources, including:

  •  Data warehouses like Google BigQuery.
  • Paid media platforms such as Display & Video and Search Ads 360, Google Ads, Meta Ads.
  • Web analytics platforms such as Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics.


These dashboards enable you to monitor marketing results in real-time, facilitating quick, informed responses to changing trends. By centralising data, our dashboards save valuable time, empowering your team and our consultants to focus on devising and executing effective strategies. Experience a comprehensive view of your marketing landscape, simplifying decision-making and enhancing performance. 


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