Tag Management is the process by which we govern and monitor the deployment of third-party scripts to your website. And in today's digital landscape, we understand the critical role of accurately tracking user interactions and deploying scripts seamlessly.  

Our Tag Management services are tailored to ensure your website collects the data you need to make informed business decisions. Whether you’re using Google Tag Manager, Adobe Launch or Tealium, we’ll work with you to identify and measure the most valuable user actions on your website. This means deploying your analytics and advertising tags in a thoughtful and compliant way, so that they load exactly when you need them to, but only when they are allowed to. 

Our approach is more than just managing tags and scripts; it's about empowering your business to make informed decisions based on accurate and compliant data.  

How Our Tag Management Solutions Can Benefit Your Business


Our tag management solutions are designed to seamlessly integrate and manage essential third-party scripts like: 

  • Google Analytics 
  • Google Ads conversion tracking 
  • Floodlights 
  • Facebook Pixels,  
  • LinkedIn Insight tags 
  • and Pardot tracking code.


If you’re using third-party tags but you don’t use a tag manager, it can lead to lost opportunities and potential compliance issues. And if your website currently houses third-party tags directly within its template, you may be missing out on critical data insights and advanced event measurement capabilities. More importantly, this approach can pose challenges in maintaining compliance with data privacy standards.  

But at 7DOTS, we help ensure that each script on your site is not just effectively managed but also aligns with best practices for data compliance and performance optimisation.

Our Tag Manager Services


Discover more about how we can simplify the complexities of digital tracking, ensuring your website remains compliant and efficient:


Tag Manager Migration Services

If you’re not already using a tag manager, migrating tags into a tag manager is something we can help with. We’ll work with your developers and marketers to diligently remove tags from your website’s template and move them into a Tag Manager of your choice. We’ll meticulously plan this process for you to ensure that you experience zero tracking downtime while your tags are migrated.


Identifying Tracking Opportunities

Whether you’re using a tag manager or not, we’ll work closely with your marketing team to identify measurement opportunities that genuinely inform your marketing decisions. Our Intelligence Team will engineer tracking solutions that unearth hidden insights. We’ll help you identify points of friction on your website, even if a single form field is to blame. Maybe you’re launching a campaign with complex conversion tracking requirements, we’ll deploy your conversion tags in a considered and extensible way, to make future deployments easy.


Tag Management System Auditing

If you’re already using a tag manager, it’s unlikely that you’re making the most of it. Most tag management containers aren’t configured in a thoughtful manner. This is usually the result of the tag management platform having been accessible by many employees and external agencies, each with different agendas. Without proper governance and planning, containers often become a mess of tags triggers and variables. Our team can help you remediate problematic tag manager setups, by implementing underused features such as Lookup Tables and Custom Templates to make your setup easier to maintain.


Integration with Cookie Management Platforms

Our Intelligence Team are acutely aware of the importance of data compliance which is why we have a strictly defined process for the compliant deployment of tags. We’ll ensure there is a tight integration between your Cookie Management Platform (CMP) and your tag manager. In the case of Google Tag Manager (GTM), we’ve developed a variety of Tag Templates to integrate GTM’s Consent Mode with a range of popular CMPs. This approach makes tag compliance easier to manage, reducing the risk of future compliance breaches. 

Wondering if your website might not adhere to data privacy laws? Use our free Cookie Compliance Test to find out! 

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