Maximise LinkedIn Campaign ROI with Retargeting

Maximise LinkedIn Campaign ROI with Retargeting

Today, I’d like to talk about the benefits of LinkedIn retargeting audiences, which are quite powerful and can drive good results when used correctly as part of a holistic strategy. 

How to set up retargeting lists on LinkedIn? 

Retargeting audience set up on LinkedIn is quite straight-forward. 

On the left-hand side in Campaign Manager, go to ‘Plan’, then ‘Audiences’, click on ‘Create audience’ and finally select ‘Matched audience’. 

I suspect we are all familiar with website visitors remarketing from other platforms, but retargeting options on LinkedIn go way beyond that. 

Once you start creating your campaign strategy, keep in mind the retargeting options to start building your retargeting audiences that you’ll use later. 

These audiences are based on how the audience engaged with your desired action and how far in the past you’d like to collect data from - you’ll be able to pick from 30 to 365 days in the past. 

LinkedIn retargeting audience types 

Once you start creating your campaign strategy, keep in mind the retargeting options to start building your retargeting audiences that you’ll target later. 

Remember, you can retarget by: 

  1. Company page – Based on company page visitors or visitors who clicked a CTA button in the header. 
  2. Document – Based on any interaction, chargeable clicks or downloads. 
  3. Lead gen form – Based on anyone who opened the form or submissions only. 
  4. Video – Based on % of view (25%, 50%, 75% or 97% completion). 
  5. Conversation – Based on opens or clicks on any CTA. 
  6. Event – Based on people who marked themselves as attending the event. 
  7. Single image – Based on any ad interaction or chargeable clicks only. 
  8. Website – Based on page visitors or on-page button interactions. 

What’s the best LinkedIn campaign approach? 

The best way to make your LinkedIn retargeting campaigns work is by taking a holistic approach. 

Obviously, it will all depend on your timeline and budget, but I can give you one of our examples. 

We run this LinkedIn ads campaign for a client with a very specific audience and a budget of £85/day approx. and this is the approach that we follow: 






Month 1 

LinkedIn Targeting 


Engage the audience with softer content. 

Prospect List 

Month 2 

LinkedIn Targeting 

Lead gen 

Engage audience with gated content. 

Prospect List 

Month 3 

Retargeting (LinkedIn engagement & Website Visitors) 

Need assistance? 

Support engaged audience. Retargeting audience built during previous 2 months. 

Prospect List 

Service promotion 

Start hard-sell message. 

Month 4 

Retargeting (LinkedIn engagement & Website Visitors) 

Service promotion 

Continue hard-sell with countdown. 

Prospect List 


Here’s results we’ve seen when retargeting on LinkedIn 

If you need a case study to prove to your clients that retargeting on LinkedIn is important, this is your place! 

Without giving any sensitive client data, I’m going to show you how we did this by setting up a holistic approach for a campaign. In this case, we run them with the intention of building up some remarketing lists to target during the month where our client would get the most benefits. 

And during their last month of the campaign, which was key for their market, we managed: 

  • +33% Clicks and +24% CTR 
  • 0.57% average CTR for Retargeting campaigns VS 0.33% CTR Prospecting campaigns 
  • Retargeting campaigns responsible for all conversions during peak month 

Need help with your LinkedIn Paid Advertising? 

If you’re interested in getting the most from LinkedIn Ads or looking for a LinkedIn Ads Agency, be sure to reach out to us. We’ll be happy to chat about your specific needs to succeed on LinkedIn and make sure to reach your audience with the right message. 

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