Paid Social Media Advertising

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing, paid social advertising takes the spotlight as a strategic cornerstone. It's not just about social ads; it's about crafting compelling narratives that resonate with your audience. So, whether you're in B2B, B2C, or D2C, paid social is a vital component of your digital strategy. 

 At 7DOTS, we specialise in managing paid social, offering more than just campaigns – we're your partners, ensuring your brand is elevated across all social platforms. Our team of experts are certified by the platforms we work with, guaranteeing expertise in navigating the changing landscape of social media advertising. 

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How Paid Social Ads Can Benefit Your Business

Our paid advertising strategies are crafted to help navigate the dynamic world of digital marketing, positioning your business not just for immediate gains but for enduring success. So, this means we go beyond mere ad placements; our focus is on creating a lasting footprint in your market. Working in partnership with you, we aim to transform your online presence, driving increased traffic and higher conversion rates through smart, effective paid advertising solutions. And some of these solutions include:


Tailored Messaging for Social Success

Success in paid social lies in crafting effective campaigns with bespoke messaging. We understand the art of delivering the right message to the right audience at the opportune time. 


Lead Generation and Building Brand Awareness

From generating quality leads to enhancing brand awareness, Paid social advertising is a versatile tool in our arsenal. We seamlessly integrate lead generation strategies to ensure a robust return on investment (ROI). 


Driving Traffic to Your Website

Beyond clicks and impressions, paid social is a powerful driver of website traffic, through direct or indirect means. Let 7DOTS guide your audience to your digital doorstep. 


Tracking and Analytics Expertise

We don't just run campaigns; we ensure you understand their impact. 7DOTS supports you with tracking and analytics setup, keeping you informed through regular reports via Looker Studio. 


Global Reach, Local Expertise

Our paid social strategies extend across the UK and global markets. Wherever your audience resides, we strategically position your brand for maximum impact. 


Our Expertise in Paid Social Platforms & Campaigns


Our strategy is centred on leveraging our expertise in paid social platforms and campaigns to deliver unparalleled benefits for your business. By engaging in a robust consultative process, we dive deep into understanding your unique needs and objectives. This collaborative approach is the cornerstone of our ability to develop highly customised and effective advertising strategies across key social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and X (formerly Twitter). This empowers us to create campaigns that are not just aligned with your brand's distinctive voice and objectives but are also strategically poised to drive substantial value and measurable success for your business.  


Facebook Advertising

Dominate the social scene with strategic Facebook campaigns. 

Instagram Advertising

Captivate your audience visually on Instagram. 

LinkedIn Advertising

Target a professional audience with precision on LinkedIn. 

X (Formerly Twitter) Advertising

Engage and spark conversations on X. 

Our Approach to Paid Social Advertising


Our approach to paid social advertising is rooted in a blend of data-driven excellence and creative ingenuity. Integrating seamlessly with your overall digital marketing efforts, we ensure every campaign we launch is not just innovative but also aligned with your broader business goals.


Data-Driven Excellence

Our strategy is grounded in data-driven insights. We measure results, inform strategies, and ensure every move is backed by meaningful data. 


Comprehensive Social Account Management

From activating to optimising, our account management includes refining and prioritising best-performing campaigns, ad creatives, and social media channels. 


Test and Learn Philosophy

Constant improvement is our ethos. Our test and learn approach ensures we're always refining and optimising paid activity for maximum impact. 


Integrated Strategies

Our Paid Social approach seamlessly integrates with other digital marketing efforts like PPC, display, and programmatic advertising. We provide tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of each client. 


Excellence Across All Remits

We don’t just manage your paid social advertising; we excel in it. Our team specialises in delivering results focused on both brand awareness and ROI. 


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