It’s safe to say that nobody appreciates a sluggish website. In fact, countless studies across industry sectors highlight how almost half of web users will leave your website if it takes any longer than 3-5 seconds to load. Not to mention that site speed is a ranking factor - a crucial component of Google’s Core Web Vitals and a fundamental SEO best practice. So, imagine what that can do for your traffic, rankings and conversions.

To support our clients, our team of SEO experts and web developers are well versed in identifying and optimising opportunities around site speed and core web vitals for all types of websites and devices. 


Our Approach to Core Web Vitals and Speed Auditing

We work in a consultative capacity with our clients, identifying the root causes of poor speed performance.

A core web vitals audit typically has three components: Stakeholder Consultancy, Developer Auditing, and implementation consultancy.

Stakeholder Consultancy

We understand that stakeholders rarely want to get into the deep technical detail, but we need to understand how to allocate technical resources to drive the best commercial result.

To that end, we look to work with their development and IT teams to understand the full cost implications of our recommendations. That, combined with rich forecasting driven by our dedicated data and intelligence team, empowers stakeholders to make informed decisions about how best to allocate their often-limited technical resources.

Developer Consultancy

We don’t believe It’s enough to simply point at a problem. Whether your technical teams are inhouse or third party, we endeavour to work collaboratively to understand the reasoning behind the speed bottlenecks we identify, combining our broad experience of working across hundreds of different website and technology stacks with their deeper knowledge of your particular setup to develop a workable solution.

And when it comes time to implement, we work as a supportive partner, helping to craft functional specifications, developer tickets, and user stories, or simply supplying links to code samples and relevant developer documentation.

Implementation Consultancy

Some of our clients want us to just deliver an audit, but we prefer to support them throughout the implementation process. This is often bespoke to the issues we identify, but we often support with testing, measurement of results, or sometimes simply being available for technical teams to bounce ideas off.

Our data and intelligence team meanwhile can supply reporting that connects implementation to commercial results, qualifying the impact on business KPIs for stakeholders.

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