Rebranding Cosegic to become a Leading Compliance Consultancy

Founded in 2003, Cosegic is one of the UK's leading compliance consultancies providing assistance with FCA authorisation, SEC registration, ongoing consulting, prudential services, online training and compliance software.

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The brief

Cosegic, a prominent compliance consultancy in the UK, sought a significant shift in their brand positioning to reinforce their market presence amidst formidable competition. With a focus on compliance consulting, software and training solutions, Cosegic aimed to establish a distinct identity that resonated with their target audience.


  • Absence of a compelling brand essence and clear market positioning.
  • Inconsistencies in visual identity across marketing materials.
  • Urgent requirement for a robust digital strategy to enhance brand visibility.
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Understanding Audience Needs

Our journey began with a deep dive into Cosegic's audience landscape. Through meticulous research, and interviews with both internal stakeholders, clients and in market audiences, we uncovered the pain points, preferences, and expectations of their target demographic. This crucial insight guided our strategic decisions, ensuring alignment with audience needs and aspirations.

Refining Brand Essence

Collaborating closely with Cosegic, we refined their brand essence and positioning to authentically reflect their core values. By evolving their value proposition, we aimed to create a resonance with their audience, establishing a solid foundation for future growth and expansion.

Crafting Visual Identity

We embarked on a visual transformation journey, crafting a compelling logo and visual identity that spoke volumes about Cosegic's brand. Our designs underwent meticulous refinement to ensure alignment with Cosegic's vision, culminating in refreshed brand guidelines for consistent representation across all touchpoints.

Digital Strategy Development

Recognising the pivotal role of digital presence, we outlined a comprehensive strategy to elevate Cosegic's online footprint. By delving into competitor landscapes and market dynamics, we defined a digital vision that positioned Cosegic as a leader in their industry. Our strategy encompassed innovative digital expressions, enhanced information architecture, and meticulously crafted digital style guidelines.

Execution and Implementation

With the creative direction finalised, we ensured seamless execution within Cosegic's budgetary constraints. The website underwent a comprehensive redesign, incorporating site-wide CSS updates to enhance user experience and engagement, laying the groundwork for increased conversions and brand visibility.

Nothing was too much trouble for 7DOTS and they worked extremely hard to ensure that we launched a new brand and website on a very tight deadline. I can’t thank them enough for the difference they have made.
Louise Suchak
Head of Marketing and Communications

The outcome 

  • Cosegic emerged with a revitalised brand identity that deeply resonated with their audience, strengthening their market positioning.
  • A cohesive visual identity empowered Cosegic to communicate consistently across diverse channels, fostering brand recognition and trust.
  • Our digital strategy provided Cosegic with a roadmap for online dominance, equipping them with the tools and insights to outshine competitors.
  • The website reskin not only refreshed Cosegic's digital presence but also drove increased user engagement and conversions, positioning them for sustained growth and success in their industry.

Through our collaborative efforts, Cosegic now stands as a trusted leader, poised to make significant strides in their journey towards market leadership.