John Laing

Designing a Global Showcase of Sustainable Impact & Innovation

John Laing is a leading international investor and active manager of core infrastructure assets. Since 1848, they have invested in 150+ core infrastructure assets, transforming communities worldwide.

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The brief

John Laing needed 7DOTS to revamp their outdated website. The goal was to align the digital platform with John Laing's new business model, showcasing not only their capabilities but also emphasising their commitment to sustainability. Ultimately, they wanted to create a distinctive digital face that would set them apart within the industry.

John Laing required a website that went beyond merely describing their activities, aiming instead to vividly illustrate the positive impact they had on the world. The challenge was to build a platform that not only attracted but captivated the audience, presenting a compelling case to potential clients.

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The outcome 

Through meticulous research and analysis, we deepened our understanding of John Laing's contributions to communities worldwide. The revamped website, following a sleek and user-friendly design, became a global platform showcasing the company's dedication to improving societies. Emphasis was placed on illustrating the tangible difference John Laing makes in the infrastructure investment sector.

The end result is a website that breathes life into the John Laing brand, positioning them as leaders committed to sustainability and making a significant impact. By focusing on real-world outcomes and championing sustainability, the website attracts and captivates the audience, strengthening John Laing's case with potential clients.