Cult Wines

Cult Wines is a UK-based fine wine investment company that offers its services to individuals and organizations worldwide. The company launched its website, Wine Investment, in July 2013, built on the SilverStripe CMS platform.

Since its launch, Wine Investment has undergone several upgrades to provide international, multi-lingual websites for foreign markets, including Ukraine, China, and Taiwan. The website's comprehensive wine directory features over 1500 wines, with pricing information updated from an external data feed provided by Liv-ex.

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The challenge for Cult Wines was to create a website that provides fine wine investment services to clients worldwide, with pricing information available in local currencies, and the ability to update prices and valuations in real-time. The website needed to integrate with a bespoke back-office CRM system, enabling clients to access their up-to-date portfolio information and valuations online. The website also needed to be fully responsive and optimised for mobile and tablet browsing.

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