The English Vine

Setting up an e-commerce experience

The English Vine, founded in November 2019, emerged to challenge the conventional wine industry and break down stereotypes associated with English wines. The target audience comprises 30-45-year-olds seeking exploration in wine without elitism and the 46+ demographic that values regular wine consumption. Additionally, the brand aims to appeal to those interested in buying local and embracing a higher price point for organic, vegan, or biodynamic products, with a special focus on engaging the female market.


The brief

The English Vine, a dynamic disruptor in the wine industry, sought to break free from traditional norms and revolutionise the way people experience English wines. The initial e-commerce site was a quick fix, but to fuel the next phase of growth, The English Vine needed a digital platform that resonated with its diverse audience, transcending the confines of the traditional wine industry.

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The approach

As a disruptor brand, The English Vine needed a dynamic and scalable digital platform. Our approach involved leveraging Shopify for its efficient setup, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness. We focused on transforming the brand into "The no-nonsense wine company" to reflect its ethos throughout the website, ensuring a frictionless digital experience.

Implementation, Innovation, Conversion & Creativity:

  • Brand Development: Transformed the brand from a pop-up bar design into a cohesive digital experience, reflecting the no-nonsense approach.
  • E-commerce Complexity: Overcame complexities in discounting and gifting models with bespoke implementations, preparing the platform for future subscription models.
  • Catalogue and Filtering: Employed creative thinking in catalogue organisation and filtering, blending creativity with conversion optimization for a user-friendly experience.

increase in online sales


increase in e-commerce conversion rate


increase in organic traffic engagement

The outcome

The collaboration between 7DOTS and The English Vine showcases the power of a well-executed digital strategy in propelling a disruptive brand to success. The results not only exceeded expectations but played a pivotal role in the company's survival and growth during challenging times.

  • Online Sales: Increased by 1010% in the first 5 months, compared to the previous period.
  • Conversion Rates: E-commerce conversion rate rose by 234%, and mobile conversion rate increased by 347%.
  • Organic Traffic Engagement: Time on site for organic traffic increased by 54.6%.