Hendricks Gin

Jaw-dropping digital immersion

Hendrick's is a brand of gin that is known for its distinctive taste and quirky branding. The gin is infused with a blend of botanicals that include rose petals and cucumber, giving it a unique flavor profile. The brand is owned by William Grant & Sons, a family-owned distillery that has been producing premium spirits for over 130 years. Hendrick's has a strong following among gin enthusiasts and is widely recognized for its unconventional marketing campaigns.


To bring to life the extraordinary experience of consuming a Hendricks Gin we collaborated to create an immersive digital experience. Not just complementing but also demonstrating the flavour sensation for the drinker and their family, friends, connections and beyond.

Working with our partners Gravity Thinking and Ten Hertz, we put Virtual Reality technology that visualised the taste of Hendricks with mind blowing illustrations at the heart of the experience.

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Group 1 v7


One to one. A theatrical and most unusual head piece. One to few. A rather unusual VR headset made from recyclable cardboard. One to many. A web-based VR experience.

The activity was so successful that we were lucky enough to pick up a gong from the lovely people at The Drum Awards.