Connecting the digital and viewing experience

Thunderbirds Are Go is a science fiction TV programme produced by ITV.  It is a remake of the series Thunderbirds which follows the exploits of International Rescue, a rescue organisation run by the Tracy family out of their secret island base in the Pacific Ocean.

The website we built for Thunderbirds aimed to enhance the viewing experience of the popular television show by allowing users to sign up as recruits and participate in games and challenges that reflect the themes of each episode.

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  1. Skyrocketing User Engagement: The Thunderbirds Interactive Hub witnessed a surge in user engagement, with a significant portion of the viewer base actively participating as recruits.

  2. Extended Time on Platform: The average time spent on the website surpassed all expectations, indicating a successful transformation of passive viewers into actively involved fans.

  3. Positive Community Building: The recruitment system fostered a vibrant online community, where fans shared experiences, strategies, and bonded over their shared passion for International Rescue.

  4. Enhanced Brand Loyalty: By seamlessly integrating the digital experience with the TV show, we successfully strengthened the connection between Thunderbirds Are Go and its audience, resulting in heightened brand loyalty.