Transforming the Digital Experience 

Nelsons are a leading manufacturer of natural healthcare products, with the world-famous RESCUE Remedy in its portfolio.​

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The brief

7DOTS began working with Nelsons in 2019 to design and implement a technology stack that improved the efficiency and effectiveness of their marketing efforts across individual brand sites (launching 5 websites on 10 domains across 29 regions). Most recently 7DOTS supported Nelsons through their business pivot to consolidate all their brands under a single domain, supporting their mission to transform Nelsons into a consumer-facing brand, with a single-customer view. The aim, to be a more customer-needs driven business, using direct-to-consumer sales to engage with their end customers and enable x-sell across the portfolio.​

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The outcome 

We designed and implemented a new technology solution to allow this single-customer view. This involved a centralised technical architecture and dataset for organisational and marketing activity, to help facilitate cross-selling of products from different sub-brands to all customers based on needs.

The deployment and migration of Nelson's previous environments, successfully retaining the ranking equity of individual brands.