Transforming the Digital Experience 

Nelsons are one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of natural healthcare productshaving built up an impressive portfolio including world-famous RESCUE Remedy.


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The brief

With a growing portfolio of products being bought direct online Nelsons asked 7DOTS to develop a new digital strategy and transform their end-to-end digital experience, maximising the business opportunity.

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The outcome 

We developed a completely new approach that raised Nelsons above the category norms. We developed hubs of brand content arranged around user’s needs, with a completely new user experience and look and feel. 

This was implemented as a new technology solution that would be more efficient to manage long-term (building 5 new websites on 10 domains across 29 regions), and ensured we maintained all the SEO value of the existing sites as we migrated to them. 

​Improved design and conversion rate optimisation combined with a better quality of user has improved the number of users converting across Nelsons domains.   

Multi-team effort, a focus on search data, content marketing, SERP feature targeting and smart application of technology resulted in the Nelsons portfolio making huge visibility improvements.   


Impressions (+407% YOY)


Clicks to retailer (+113% YOY)


Sessions (+94% YOY)