The Dyslexia Shop

Digital PR Delivers 76% Uplift in Revenue from Organic Search

The Dyslexia Shop is an e-commerce store that provides educational tools and aids for adults, children, and infants with learning difficulties, particularly dyslexia.

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The brief


The Dyslexia Shop operates in a crowded digital landscape full of e-commerce sites offering similar products, as well as sites who offer guidance and advice on the topic. Ultimately, they wanted to do more to stand out from the crowd within organic search.  

Commercially, most of The Dyslexia Shop’s revenue comes from people searching for types of products in Google, landing on their product listing pages, and then converting.  We knew that by increasing the number of external sites linking to their website, there’s an opportunity to move the needle by:

  • Moving existing rankings up.
  • Driving more organic traffic.
  • Increase more conversions.
  • Generating revenue.

So, for us, the objective here was to help The Dyslexia Shop stand out by growing its link profile to signal to algorithms that they are the most trusted place to buy dyslexia-related products.

And like many projects, maximising return on budget was a key consideration here, which meant we needed to prioritise efficiency in our asset design process. So, this encouraged us to explore ways in which the creative asset could work within the framework of their existing blog or templates. 


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Our approach

To help grow The Dyslexia Shop’s link profile we needed to lean into Digital PR. Not dissimilar to traditional PR, Digital PR is an online marketing strategy that relies on creating a linkable asset that can be promoted online. Essentially, this strategy is designed to increase brand awareness, attract links and ultimately, boost organic traffic.

So, to create a content asset that will earn online attention, we started with an ideation session that involved a round table of key internal stakeholders including SEO, data, designers and senior management.

Specifically, we discussed how we’d go about targeting The Dyslexia Shop’s main customer group, who are:

  • Teaching and Learning Support Assistants.
  • Parents and Guardians.
  • People with dyslexia.

And, we also discussed wanting to reach these groups through national press and media outlets.

So, having compiled and condensed a host of ideas, the client finalised the idea of creating a Teacher’s Index. This would be achieved by using an online survey designed to identify gaps in dyslexia awareness in education by collecting key educators' thoughts and experiences. We then ideated around what types of stories publishers and readers would want to engage with, which was eventually used to inform the structure of the survey. We collaborated with a survey company that distributed the survey to a couple of hundred educators. And we also worked alongside a PR team who would help us with our outreach efforts.

During the outreach phase, we had to think about how to weave in the human angle of the story that would help elevate our survey data. Once we discovered the right angle to our story, we were able to progress through the outreach phase and begin creating our linkable asset (i.e. a blog post) that online publications could link to.



increase in organic revenue compared to last year

87 M

combined monthly traffic reach of articles published

The outcome


We managed to get immediate coverage from multiple online publications that have a combined monthly traffic reach of 87 million visits with some notable coverage coming from:

The Daily Star Online, ITV This Morning (Online), London News Daily.

And this coverage led to notable increases in rankings, traffic and revenue. Appearing higher in search and earning more organic clicks from people searching for dyslexia products The Dyslexia Shop’s organic revenue increased by 76% compared to last year.

But the coverage didn’t stop there. Here are other publications we got mentioned in too:

Verge Magazine, Cornwall Live, Cornish and Devon Post online, Bude Today, Holsworthy Today online, Cornish & Devon Post Further Education News, Further Education Careers, Prep School Magazine.